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Touring South America: Marathon Sessions

Chapter 12: April 9th, Valparaiso, Chile. When I awoke there were still stars out but the sky wasn’t black anymore. It was a deep shade of blue. The sun was coming. I changed and just as I was putting my things away, a ray of light spilled over from behind remote desert dunes. It came just in time to bring a little warmth to the cold emptiness of the desert. I packed up the tent, loaded everything back on the...


Touring South America: Starry Night in the Atacama Desert

Chapter 11: April 7th, Atacama Desert, Chile. I spent the morning of April 6th in the hotel where I ended up the night before. I made good use of the WiFi and figured out my route for the day. The plan was to reach Chañaral taking the Ruta 1 that runs along the entire coast. I ended up leaving Antofagasta at around 2pm but I estimated that I would still have plenty of time to make it there and set up camp...


Touring South America: Running on Dry

Chapter 7: April 1st, Iquique, Chile. Before leaving home my sister had given me a tiny keychain compass. Had it not been for this little compass staring at me as I mistakenly headed east towards Bolivia, I would’ve ended up in San Pedro de Atacama instead of Iquique. After a rightly deserved facepalm, I corrected my course and was back on the road cutting through the desert instead of a lush green valley. The winds seemed stronger than on previous days...