Stories & Tips

Stories & Tips

Let’s face it. Looking up motorcycle helmet reviews probably isn’t going to get you too excited for your next big motorcycle trip. I would also like to share with you special moments from my journeys that continually reinforce my love for traveling on motorcycles. There are so many amazing experiences to be had out there and I can’t imagine a better vehicle for seeing the world while being directly in contact with it. I like car road trips as much as the next person, but there is something about sitting on your motorcycle, feeling the engine roar under you, and having an unrestricted view on the world. You cease to experience life from behind a glass window, from inside a box. You become immersed in reality and the rush of being exposed to the environment like that is unique and poetic.

My hope is that the stories I share here inspire you to get out there and create your own remarkable memories. I also invite others to share their own motorcycle adventures.

Let’s all continue to inspire each other and ride on…

The Road to El Chalten in the Patagonia

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