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Great Motorcycle Movies: ROAD

I was recently sitting at home contemplating life while trying to fight off the flu. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to collapse in bed and watch a movie that had been in my list for a while. My criteria for adding this movie to my list was “Does it have a motorcycle on the cover? It does? OK, add it!” My expectations were that it would be an interesting documentary on road racing overall. What I got instead was so much more...

The Motorcycle Diaries Poster 4

Great Motorcycle Movies: The Motorcycle Diaries

Welcome to the first edition of Great Motorcycle Movies. Along with our Great Motorcycle Rides series, it is written with the hopes to inspire you to get your motorcycle and ride it towards adventure. We’ll start off by taking a look at one of my favorite movies: The Motorcycle Diaries. Aside from being a spectacular film in its own right, this is the one that inspired me to head out on my first international motorcycle trip. The film is spectacularly...