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8 Things I Learned Riding a Motorcycle in South America

Above all things, true travel is a learning experience. The amazing time I had while I was on the road was enhanced by the important life lessons that I took away from the experience. Every trip offers an endless stream of opportunities to absorb knowledge from the world around you. Here are the 8 lessons I learned while riding a motorcycle in South America. #1. Always pack light Before leaving home, I laid everything I wanted to bring on my bed....

KLR 650 in the Argentine Patagonia 10

Motorcycle Road Trip Checklist: 7 Steps for a Safe Ride

You might think that carefully planning a trip defeats the purpose of adventure that so many associate with motorcycle travel. You wouldn’t be completely wrong. Sticking to itineraries isn’t in the spirit of motorcycle touring but you’ll find that having a pre-ride routine will prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. When I went on my first solo trip, I barely knew anything about motorcycle travel. I took off following Bob Marley’s mantra that “every little thing was gonna be alright.”...