A Motorcycle Tool Kit for the Road

Cruz Tools Road Tech Teardrop Tool KitPart of the essential gear you’ll need when taking to the open road is a motorcycle tool kit . I’m not talking about lugging your entire toolbox with you, but you should have a small set of basic tools that will let you handle most fixes or adjustments made on your bike. This includes changing burnt out lights, calibrating and oiling your chain, fixing a flat tire, and tightening bits that may get loose.

Obviously, not everyone is equipped to deal with all of these situations but even if you don’t have the skills, having the right tools will make a good Samaritan’s task a lot easier. Imagine coming across a car with a flat tire and not being able to help them out because they don’t even have jack.

So keep reading and make sure you have these essentials with you next time you take a long trip on your bike.

The Essential Set of Tools

#1 – A small tool kit

The motorcycle tool kit itself is only part of the items you’ll need but it is the most important one. The Windzone EE-1HD and the Cruz Tools Road Tech Teardrop are two great little kits that are packed with essential tools and can fit comfortably in your luggage or backpack. A solid kit should include: a set of combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, pliers, ratchet and sockets, interchangeable head screwdriver, electrical tape, hex keys, torx keys, a spark plug socket, and an air pressure gauge.

The exact size of keys and wrenches will depend on your specific motorcycle but these kits should have you covered. If you already have a set of tools and don’t want to buy another kit just for road trips, you can pick up a leather roll case like the one below to store them in when you head out.

Wolfman Wolfy Tool Roll

#2 – Spark plugs

The amount of spark plugs you should take with you depends on how many cylinders your bike has but you’ll always want to have at least one with you. Even though you’ll have a backup, it’s always in your best interest to put in new spark plugs if you’re going to be taking off on an extended journey. It’ll be one less thing to worry about.

Motorcycle Light Bulb#3 – Spare bulbs

You’ll want one for your tail light and one for your head light. I remember the time my tail light blew out during a night ride in the countryside. I didn’t have an extra bulb with me but I luckily had a headlamp that I used for camping. I had to make do with that and strap it to the back of my bike. It’s not an experience I’d like to repeat.

#4 – Chain lube

The first time I went on a trip I was clueless about any sort of maintenance needed on my motorcycle. To me, it was just a perfect machine that only required fuel and a rider to run. Reality hit pretty hard when my chain broke in the middle of the desert because I hadn’t lubed it in 1600 miles. So yeah, this one’s pretty important. Apply it regularly if you’re going to be riding long distances every day.

#5 – Motorcycle Tire Sealant

This is the “Get out of Jail Free” card of motorcycle tools. A small motorcycle-specific canister of fix-a-flat can get you back on your bike in order to get the tire properly taken care of. Unfortunately for us riders, changing a motorcycle tire is much more complicated than that of a car (and we don’t usually carry spares either) so a pressurized sealant can be a lifesaver.

Worn down rear motorcycle tire

Sometimes, no amount of fix-a-flat will help… 🙁


Do you guys have any special tool that you always carry with you? Or perhaps you have some stories about a tool getting you out of a tight situation? Let me know in the comments!


Luis is just an ordinary guy who happens to love traveling on motorcycles. When he's not revving his bike's engine, he's writing about motorcycle travel and helping people find the best motorcycle gear that will make their trips more comfortable and enjoyable.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Luis,

    These are definitely the essentials of being out on the road. I looked around the site and found some really cool stuff, love your site.

    Everyone should be prepared for that moment when an unexpected situation occurs. These tool kits are perfect and within the exact price range that I was looking for.

    Thanks for the info!

  2. K says:

    Hi Luis
    You explained everything really well which makes it simple to understand. A great gift idea leading into the holiday season.

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