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Touring South America: The Start of Something New

Chapter 16: April 16th, Mendoza, Argentina. My last night in Mendoza I went out with Piojon and his brother to continue our consumption of Fernet. The strong bitter taste of Fernet Branca isn’t really my thing but this time I was able to graduate from the frowned-upon (by local men) Fernet Menta to the potent Fernet Classic. It’s an acquired taste. One that I won’t be pursuing. Walking down Aristides Avenue, where the nighttime fun in Mendoza begins, we ran...


Touring South America: Meeting Friends, Old and New

Chapter 15: April 15th, Mendoza, Argentina. A few years before embarking on this motorcycle adventure, I had ended up traveling by myself around South America due to some tension with a close friend. What was interesting about it was that I was never completely alone. I always ended up befriending someone that was headed in my same direction and would end up traveling together. As soon as I was saying goodbye to one fellow traveler, I was already meeting someone else to...