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Touring South America: In for Repairs in Bariloche

Chapter 18: April 20th, Bariloche, Argentina. The nocturnal winds eventually died down at our campsite in Las Lajas and we were able to get some well-needed rest. Nothing had been knocked over during the night so that was a relief. We spoke to the campsite’s owner and he kindly offered us some coffee to get our morning going. He told us that we were the last people to arrive and with our departure the camping season was officially over. Had...


Touring South America: Running on Dry

Chapter 7: AprilĀ 1st, Iquique, Chile. Before leaving home my sister had given me a tiny keychain compass. Had it not been for this little compass staring at me as I mistakenly headed east towards Bolivia, I would’ve ended up in San Pedro de Atacama instead of Iquique. After a rightly deserved facepalm, I corrected my course and was back on the road cutting through the desert instead of a lush green valley. The winds seemed stronger than on previous days...