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Touring South America: Road to Salvation

Chapter 10: April 5th, Antofagasta, Chile. The next morning after breakfast I set out to find the town mechanic. He took his time to open up his shop but after taking a look at the broken chain it only took him an hour and a half to fix it. I walked out of there with a functional chain, albeit one link shorter. It took me another 40 minutes to slide it back in place and scoot the back wheel forward...

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Touring South America: Road to Perdition

Chapter 9: April 4th,¬†Mejillones, Chile. My girlfriend has a firm belief that there are people on this planet that possess an infinite source of kindness. These people aren’t aware of it but the aura that surrounds them allows others that are sensitive to it¬†feel their presence. She calls them “angels” and has crossed paths with them in times of need. Keep in mind I’m not talking about winged celestial creatures. These are just incredibly benevolent people. To some it may...