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Touring South America: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Chapter 20: April 21st, Sarmiento, Argentina. I woke up feeling almost at 100% thanks to last night’s giant dinner. Since we had negotiated our room without breakfast (which were two pieces toasts and a cup of coffee), I whipped up something generous for myself. I didn’t want to leave any uneaten food behind so I fried four eggs and four sausages, and ate them with the rest of my loaf of bread. Not even Michael Phelps eats breakfasts that big....


Touring South America: Getting cold, getting sick

Chapter 19: April 21st, Esquel, Argentina. The day we left Bariloche, we went for a ride around town and headed to Cerro Catedral before actually leaving the city. Cerro Catedral is one of Argentina’s largest ski resorts. Once we made it to the top we walked around the village that is no doubt teeming with people wanting to hit the slopes in the winter. To us, the whole resort was a ghost town but that didn’t take away from its...